Friday, January 24, 2014

About Me

Like any other Mom, I'm too busy for my own good. My main focus are my sons and my family. I try to squeeze writing in whenever I possibly can. Then there's the rest of everyday life, and not-so every day life.

To try and keep up with everything, I compartmentalize. I have never enjoyed multi-tasking and was happy to discover an article saying multi-taskers are actually less productive than people who go one thing at a time. Enter me.

Name: Carrie Sorensen
Age: Often Unknown
Dream Job: Author
Current Job: At Home Mommy / Writer in Practice
Favorite Quote:

-Eleanor Roosevelt

For the sharing of those experiences:

Chasing Revery - My mommy blog. Here I talk about my two amazing and quickly growing boys, their stillborn sister, my three dogs, and sometimes even my fantastic husband.

Dear Analin - A blog my husband and I have dedicated to our stillborn daughter. We write her letters on our journey through grief and hope it's something our other children, family and friends will be able to take with them as well.